Arduino LCD gmail subject

Continuing on in the (Long) line of arduino+rss hacks, here is some python code that parses a gmail rss feed. This is a throwback to the post that started it all, the arduino gmail notifier. The original code was tweaked a bit to display the subjects of new mail on an lcd screen.

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Rss Parser for twitter

Continuing on the line of arduino+rss hacks, here is some python code that parses Tweets. By changing the rss feed you can either follow one person’s tweets, or you can access your “follow” feed (i.e. everyone you follow on In order to do the second option you will have to supply your login credentials.

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Update for arduino / python / rss reader – Weather!

I just whipped up this script that checks and displays the weather through As always, it requires feedparser, an arduino, and a lcd screen. It is currently configured to read Burlington Vt’s weather, so if you don’t live there – change it in the python file. Check out the commenting for more info. Click here to download the zip file. Arduino rss reader – Weather module

For those of you just tuning in – you might want to check out the original arduino rss reader post for more details

Also check out the twitter feed reader.

Arduino based rss reader – W/Check Facebook Status Updates script.

My last project, the arduino gmail checker really opened my eyes to python/rss/arduino integration. I branched out from there to use feedparser for more conventional rss reading and I ended up with a python script that pulls in your friend updates from facebook. That was cool watching it scroll by in terminal, but I decided to geek it up a bit and make it display out through a serial lcd. Nothing is more distracting than a lcd flickering constantly at your desk!
Here’s a pic of it doing it’s thing.

Here’s how I did it.

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