CHDK Compatible Powershot S series cameras

S Series
The S series is where best buy thinks that the line between point and shoots and SLRs starts to get blurry. These are a bigger form factor, and the are not pocketable. They may look like a dslr from a distance, but the lens is not detachable. This series generally has a nice long optical zoom length but doesn’t win many style points. These cameras can be picked up pretty cheap (*used) because they aren’t the sharpest looking canons on the market. (body-wise, not image-wise) They still can have great optical quality and their larger size enables both larger screens and longer lasting batteries. If all that you care about is the picture then these might make a good tradeoff of price per pixel.

Not linked – S5

As with every camera purchase, you’ll need to make sure that you end up with an appropriate memory card (or two), a battery, and charger. If you buy new this is less of a concern, but a lot of these cameras are only really available on the used market so keep an eye out for what accessories are bundled with the camera.

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