my HP mini Hackintosh Updated to Snow Leopard!


A while ago I decided to jump in and upgrade to 10.6 on my HP mini 1030. It had been a while since I did 10.5, and I was in the mood for a bit of hackery.

I initially followed the first set of directions from and I had very mixed results. The terminal commands weren’t always correct, or line formatted right, or spelled correctly. I eventually ended up getting a machine that booted, but didn’t shut down. Had wireless, but no sound control, and had some serious sleep issues. I dropped the project after spending hours in terminal and on forums, and pretty much felt like the ‘upgrade’ was a waste of time and the next step would be to re-install 10.5.


By the time I had regained my strength for round two of snow leopard hackintoshery, LeMaurien had updated the snow leopard install procedure and posted it here. This install method used an app called netbootMaker, and really reduced the amount of time spent in the terminal. Continue reading

Why I love dropbox.

Picture 1

This will be a simple post.
I want to put my love for dropbox into words. For those out of the know, dropbox is a simple online storage solution. They give you 2 gigs of storage for free. Some of the space can be web-accessible (should you choose) so you can post zip files or pictures for grandma, or even html and simple web sites. If you choose you can also not have the storage be web accessible. Simple as that.

Picture 4

The even cooler thing about dropbox is the way they handle the file transfer. On a mac dropbox installs as a menubarlet (tiny lil guy up by your battery monitor / wifi icon) and it syncs with a folder on your hard drive. You can put the dropbox folder wherever you choose. From now on, whenever you put something into the folder, or move it out, the same thing will happen with your ‘online’ version of it.

This is a super easy way to share files between the home and office computer, between office mates, quickly post quicktimes for review, or even share application settings. There are a TON of useful things you could use this for, simply because it shows up as an actual folder on your drive, not some only-web-accessible data ghetto like so many of the other services.

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CD robot V 2.0! Adding serial control to an old scsi cd duplicator.

My newest project involves reincarnating a very old (1998) cd duplicating robot. It is a DTP-1000 that was originally SCSI only. Due to the fates smiling down upon me I was able to pick it up on ebay for $11. I bought it intending to put an arduino in the place of the control board and probably have to do a lot of reverse engineering. The next day I happened upon this site where, amazingly someone has already opened one of these up and has instructions on how to enable serial control! I still am in awe of how lucky I got and really happy that DarkBane dropped all of that knowledge on the world.

There are a lot of pics below, since that was the one thing I could do to add to the fine directions DarkBane has already provided. Another thing is that in his command set he has two typos. I will quote his post after the pix and note the command set in bold.

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Hackintosh HP Mini 1000! OS X 10.5.8

HP Mini 1000

hackintosh explained

A hackintosh is a computer that started its life as a pc and had had osx massaged onto it. This has been made possible by apple’s move to intel based machines. If a machine has a similar enough hardware profile to existing apple hardware, then it is generally possible.

who should do this?
This process (creating a hackintosh) is best sited for people who don’t mind getting their hands ‘dirty’ in the ‘guts’ of a computer. It could (note the implied possibilities of could) be a painless install process, but since you are putting an operating system onto hardware that it wasn’t intended to be run on, one will inevitably run into problems.
At the very least this requires someone who is good at following directions, very good at googling (to find other people in their specific situation) good at finding files online (bittorrent makes this much easier) and easygoing about minor-to-major flaws in their computer setup. If you are the kind of person who gets angry that the f12 key doesn’t start up your widgets, maybe this isn’t the procedure for you.

If this is the kind of project for you, read on…

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Hackintosh pre post – reclaiming screen real estate

Two days ago I got an HP mini 1030 netbook (1000 family) and have been working on putting the mac OS 10.5.8 on it. It seems like it ought to be the simplest thing, but there are a lot of different versions of firmware hardware and software out there that make finding the right install path a bit challenging.

HP Mini 1000

I will definitely add my 2 cents for the install path and my problems, but that will come in a few days. The good news is that this post is written on it, and it is running along splendidly! This is just a quick tip to help others who have done the same thing (or those who just have tiny screens) gain a bit more screen real estate.

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I’m waiting for a package like a snake in the grass.

And by that I mean I’m stalking fedex.

I’m currently waiting for my Ardino starter pack to arrive from Adafruit Industries and I’m getting a bit impatient. I decided to automate the psychotic task of manually reloading the tracking page every ten minutes.

I’m sure there are web sites out there to keep you updated of your packages progress across the world. I couldn’t find any and decided to put together my own FedEx stalking kit. This is only for Mac, but you needed a reason to switch, didn’t you?

Ok, this is admittedly not the best way to do this, but it works. Here we go…

Step 1 – applescript
Write an applescript telling firefox to open the fedex tracking link. Save it to somewhere you can remember
fedex stalking

Step 2 – iCal Continue reading