“Arduino Powered” CD Changing Robot


Check out my new(er) cd robot project here. I grabbed an old scsi changer machine from ebay and have been working on adding serial connectivity to it. If it works, it will be a much simpler route!

One of my “always in my head” projects is a CD changing machine. I have seen the myriad of other projects out there, and this always captivates me, in that it is just out of reach, but it seems to be a fairly simple concept. I have been thinking and sketching on this one for SUCH a long time that I have decided to post it before it is fully polished up.

arduino powered cd robot - left side

The basic premise is I have an arm that swings up and down mounted on a platform that rotates 180 degrees. Both of those are positioned by hobby servos. On the tip of the arm there is two vacuum aided suction cups and some hdpe tubing.

arduino powered cd robot - front view facing right

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DIY CNC router build update

It’s been quite a while since my router arrived in the mail. It came in mid winter and essentially stopped all cnc progress. It was much heavier than I had expected, and the gantry I had built wasn’t up to the task. The x and y axes were finished, but needed to be rebuilt stronger. The last few weeks has seen the end of summer weather and the return of my tinkering productivity. I have put in a ton of time thinking, cutting and swearing in my garage.

DIY CNC router as it stands

DIY CNC router as it stands

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Parts list (AKA why I’ve been eating ramen and coffee)

So here are the bits I’ve bought already

3 axis system kit with 425Oz/in stepper motors

Xylotex kit

12′ of 1/2″ acme rod
8 matching nuts

6 1/2″ 2 bolt pillow block bearings
8 1/2″ shaft collars

Home Depot
Tons of bolts, nuts, washers, bits and doodads.
20′ of galvanized steel u-channel (not really sure what to call this stuff)
specialized u-channel bolts, nuts and spacers
aluminum angle iron
1/2″ black pipe for x axis

Don’t remember.com
lovejoy couplers for motor shaft to acme rod

As far as buying things goes, I think I might be mostly done. I can foresee buying
drawer slides for the z axis,
a trim router,
and the black piping for the y axis
I might need to buy some more skate bearings at some time…who knows…