Print contact sheets / thumbnails from video footage

This is a task I don’t like doing, but it is certainly useful if you have a lot of footage to sort through and not everyone is very technically inclined. It allows you to print a contact sheet from every x frames/seconds/minutes of a video file. That helps when you are looking for a specific shot in a bunch of reels, and it helps to very quickly show an art director what the footage you have looks like.

You’ll need either Quicktime or FCP, and Photoshop for this.

1) open your video file

2a) in quicktime hit export / movie to image sequence. Select “advanced options” and put in a frames per second number. If you put in 1 then you will still end up with 60 frames per minute! Luckily Quicktime will let us deal with decimals here. A value of .016 will give you around one frame per minute and usually works out well.

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Unserialize/Reserialize Final Cut Pro & Why does apple hate me?

Here’s two quick video related snafu’s I’ve run into today.

I have had to unserialize a copy of FCP and then put in a new (the correct one, technically) serial number. It turns out that unless you want to reinstall everything, then the file to find is located in Library/Application Support/ProApps and it is called “Final Cut Studio System ID” Delete it with fcp closed, and then open it up again

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