This site is about my wide and varied interests. Motorcycles, robots, beer brewing, napping, photography, motion graphics, and video editing. It interests me, and hopefully it interests you too!

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  1. Thanks Edgar! Yeah, I lost all of the older stuff during a WordPress upgrade a bit ago. I’ve been meaning to try to re-upload them, but you can see how far i’ve gotten so far. Now that I know someone’s reading I’ve got motivation!

  2. hello, I have a question regarding your gmail checker which turns on a led if there are new email,

    I’d like to know how to modify the code to also check for facebook updates and send a different letter over the serial if there are, I’d like to do this also for myspace except with another different letter, and also twitter, with another different letter as well but all in the same code… My idea is to make a box that displays lights if you have updates for any of your major accounts, would you mind helping me with at least one of these concepts if not all of them so I can learn how to do it myself or make this possible?

  3. Hy there! I’d really like to get in touch with you regarding advice on building a micro-camera with an intervalometer, one that could, say, be clipped to my collar all day and take a shot every minute. Lets just say I lose things a LOT…and the last straw was my iPad, gone somewhere in the city. It also might be just a neat gizmo. Please send me an email if you get a chance, this may sound silly but I’m completely serious, and really hoping for some solid advice on building such a thing.


  4. Hey,

    I love your site. My buddy is building a hacker space, so we have been discussing alot of the things your interested in. I thought you might find my company’s website interesting. We’re definitely not diy, but I thought you might find our robots interesting nonetheless.


    Take care,


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