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I’m going to try to avoid being one of those blogs that only links to other blogs. That whole idea seems really recursive and redundant to me. This post did interest me however. Here Stuart McFarian is building a (probably) slower machine that looks a bit less heavy-duty. It also looks like it will cost a bit less and is smaller. Regardless, I like the idea, so here it is, in all of it’s instructables glory..

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CL350: rolling chassis

rolling chassis at last!

I think my shit eating grin and the fact that the bike is missing about 200 pounds of parts ought to say that this has a long way to go, but I’m excited about every step.

This is my CL350 that I am rebuilding with a friend. We have cleaned and honed the cylinders, stripped and epoxy painted the frame, and are currently working on putting in new rings and then putting the engine in. Every step seems to be blocked by two or three tiny insignifigant steps, but I guess that’s just how things go when you’re working on a bike that’s almost 40 years old.

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illiterates will love this one!

…so i hooked up my camera and uploaded some photos…

closeup of xylotex controller

this is a closeup of the xylotex controller

this is an earlier version of the frame

this is an earlier version of the frame from when I wanted a smaller machine.

this is the current version of the frame

this is the bigger, newer version of the frame, 4 feet by 2.5 feet! I have the black pipe installed with the leveling setups, as well as the x axis rod and bearings.

Below are a bunch of other views and closeups.

this is the current version of the frame

this is the current version of the frame

this is the current version of the frame

Links to check out

here are a few links you might find interesting if you’re doing what I’m doing. THE forum to check out what others are doing like this. Pretty nice stepper controllers. Pricey, but very niceby all reports. Exactly what the name implies. all kinds of small part you would otherwise have to dig around in dumpsters for. Obviously you know where there name comes from.

Parts list (AKA why I’ve been eating ramen and coffee)

So here are the bits I’ve bought already

3 axis system kit with 425Oz/in stepper motors

Xylotex kit

12′ of 1/2″ acme rod
8 matching nuts
6 1/2″ 2 bolt pillow block bearings
8 1/2″ shaft collars

Home Depot
Tons of bolts, nuts, washers, bits and doodads.
20′ of galvanized steel u-channel (not really sure what to call this stuff)
specialized u-channel bolts, nuts and spacers
aluminum angle iron
1/2″ black pipe for x axis

lovejoy couplers for motor shaft to acme rod

As far as buying things goes, I think I might be mostly done. I can foresee buying
drawer slides for the z axis,
a trim router,
and the black piping for the y axis
I might need to buy some more skate bearings at some time…who knows…

CNC router recap

I’m currently building a cnc router. This is a machine that will take a line file generated by a computer, and cut it out of / into wood. Depending on how precise and strong my build is, it might be able to cut almost anything up to (possibly including) soft aluminum. I was inspired by the guys over at and the awesome things that they were doing with their shopbot. Continue reading

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