Bearings and Beer….hmmmm….. Beerings?

So here are the fruits of my weekend.
These are the slide bearings for my CNC router. They’re made up of skate bearings, and angle aluminum. A really simple concept that makes my life simpler.

you can see my new Keg-o-rator here. It’s almost a perfect fit in this closet, with just enough room left to to fit all of my beer brewing stuff! Oh yeah, and an iron too…

Here is a closeup of the tap handle. Does anyone have any cool ideas for how to fabricate a cool drip tray? So far I’m coming up blank.

It just occurred to me how much I anthropomorphize my inventions/creations. that’s kind of weird. I guess having more unfinished projects than fingers is weird too.. oh well…

I cut the hole for the tap the worst possible way ever. I used a 1″ spade bit used for cutting wood. It was brand new, and I decided it was worth it to ruin it cutting through the metal front of the fridge. I’ll pour out a little grease next time i’m in the shop for my  fallen homie “spayde Bitt”