Kegerator continues!

In my quest for beer-on-tap 24-7 I have been building a kegerator for my house. Soon I discovered I needed a drip tray to keep the floor from rotting through (did someone say firepole?!?!) Not wanting to pay almost $60 for one like this one I set out to make one. I found a aluminum tray from a toaster, and a cheap metal box from target. Put them together, and we’re off to the races! These are the two pieces.

kegorator drip tray DIY
kegorator drip tray DIY

This is the toaster tray cut up but not bent

This is the tray cut, bent, and dropped into the box. I’m pretty happy, considering it cost $1.68

This is my attempt at making a counterfeit Sub Zero fridge. Yes that’s right! I took an angle grinder to the fridge! Now it’s bare metal! We’ll have to see how long the well oiled metal can resist rusting, and how long I can resist not steel wool-ing it to get the rust off. We’ll have to see about a lot of things. Until then I have 1/2 of a sub zero kegerator!