Router progress!

it’s been damn cold up here in the north country, but I’ve been out in the garage working on the gantry for the router. I often struggle with the problem of redesigning each piece a hundred times before I build it once. For this project I am trying to focus on getting a version 0.1 before I start work on version 1.0.

gantry warmup

As you can see in the pix, I have the x and the Y axis mostly set up. I don’t know how I’m gonna mount the drive screws and nuts, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. The angle aluminum and skate bearing concept is but one of many that I saw on cnczone and have adapted for my design.

I am going to be very interested in seeing how my machine works once set up. I am obviously not very careful with error correction and alignment. I’m not sure how muh those tiny errors will mutiply in the final finished pieces. Also I haven’t seen anyone build out of similar materials, or to the scale that I have. I doubt that tis will win any awards for accuracy, but hopefully it’ll do a decent job of cutting big pieces of wood. Only time will tell I suppose.