Update for arduino / python / rss reader – Weather!

I just whipped up this script that checks and displays the weather through rssweather.com. As always, it requires feedparser, an arduino, and a lcd screen. It is currently configured to read Burlington Vt’s weather, so if you don’t live there – change it in the python file. Check out the commenting for more info. Click here to download the zip file. Arduino rss reader – Weather module

For those of you just tuning in – you might want to check out the original arduino rss reader post for more details

Also check out the twitter feed reader.

5 replies on “Update for arduino / python / rss reader – Weather!”

  1. Hey i was just wondering if you knew of a way of using processing to get the RSS Feeds instead as i am unable to understand the python coding?

  2. yes, but it gets much much more complicated. You would need to download the html and then script a way to pull out the data that you want. It is doable, but not easy.

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