Why I love dropbox.

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This will be a simple post.
I want to put my love for dropbox into words. For those out of the know, dropbox is a simple online storage solution. They give you 2 gigs of storage for free. Some of the space can be web-accessible (should you choose) so you can post zip files or pictures for grandma, or even html and simple web sites. If you choose you can also not have the storage be web accessible. Simple as that.

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The even cooler thing about dropbox is the way they handle the file transfer. On a mac dropbox installs as a menubarlet (tiny lil guy up by your battery monitor / wifi icon) and it syncs with a folder on your hard drive. You can put the dropbox folder wherever you choose. From now on, whenever you put something into the folder, or move it out, the same thing will happen with your ‘online’ version of it.

This is a super easy way to share files between the home and office computer, between office mates, quickly post quicktimes for review, or even share application settings. There are a TON of useful things you could use this for, simply because it shows up as an actual folder on your drive, not some only-web-accessible data ghetto like so many of the other services.

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The coolest thing I have heard of this being used for is in conjunction with bittorrent. Lets say you were to set up a BT client on your home computer that watched the dropbox folder for torrent files. Then you could put one in the folder from work / your cell phone/ space / wherever and the client would spring into action and start downloading. To bump it up a notch you could also set the dropbox folder as the final folder for finished downloads. That way you could put in a torrent file and take out a finished download!

I have heard that there is now an iPhone app for dropbox. I’m going to have to check it out. If you want more space: you can get it by paying for it! 25 Gigs for $8/month, 50 Gigs for $10/month, and 100 Gigs for $20/month. If you want more space for free, you can also get a 250Mb bounty on each person you convince to sign up (up to 3 gigs extra, 5 total!) Also, if you convince someone else to sign up, then they get 2.25 Gigs to start with (an extra 250 Mb)

Summary: It’s cool, it’s free, and it is a hell of a lot easier than ftp’ing, sending login/password combos and babysitting people. It is literally as easy as a thumb drive. Give it a shot, you know you want to!
Click here to sign up The price is right!

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  1. Heartily concur. My experience with Dropbox has been excellent. Shortly after I started using it my computer got all crashy (turned out it needed a new logic board) and I made Dropbox the folder I saved all my working documents to. Between DB and Eversave, a little utility that corrects Pages’ lack of an autosave function, my computer could (and did!) crash 15 times a day and I never lost any work. Though my machine is now reliable once more, saving important stuff to DB soothes my paranoia.

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