An easy fix for atm card skimmers…

The other day I was using an ATM with a color touchscreen and I was thinking how if it had a skimmer attached I wouldn’t have a clue. They all look different, with different forms, materials and behavior.

Then it came to me: Why not have an option on the atm where it will show you a photo of itself on the screen? It seems like a great solution to a ridiculous problem. Other than ATMs that don’t have color screens are there any issues?

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  1. I’ve also thought that ATMs could add a small camera that faced the ATM and would set an alarm if the look of the ATM changed in a signifcant way.

    This would be an automatic feature of the ATM and could send an alarm to the ATM operator and could also notify users of the potential risk.

    Combined with the photo idea, this could really add a layer of security.

  2. I agree with that.There should be a hidden camera and alarm in the atm booth.So that if there is hold up or robbery it can be easily trace up.

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