$10 DIY hanging Bikerack

In my apartment the “guest room” only has room for our sports equipment. Even with that it is difficult to get to the snowboards with the bikes in the way and everything is a hassle. From the time i thought this up to when I had the bikes on it was about an hour. It also cost less than $10 and only required a handsaw!

I went to home depot and got an 8′ 2×6 (~$4) and an 8′ 2×4 (~$2). I cut the 2×4 down to maybe 5′ and cut a bunch of 6″ long pieces of it to make the “hooks” that the bikes hang from. I used some 3″ decking screws to put it all together and hung the bikes on it! It is simple, cheap, and I’m no longer stubbing my toes on bike pedals at night. That piece of 2×6 on the left hand side is scrap and just resting there. The 2×4 extends to the left wall.

This bike rack gently leans against the wall and supports both bikes easily. It could work in almost any apartment, and you could probably even fit a third bike in underneath it. For the price it can’t be beat.

Note: If you were to put this on a hardwood floor then you would definitely want some sort of rubber foot on the bottom. As it is, the carpet and gravity hold it nicely in place.