mini free-day @ sparkfun?

The other day I saw a tweet from sparkle labs saying that they were ‘participating’ in American Express small business saturday. The jist of that event is that Amex will give you a $25 statement credit if you register your card on their sbs site and then use it to buy more than $25 from a small business on November 26th.

I did a little sleuthing and it seems like Sparkfun also qualifies. They show up on the sbs page in a search for Boulder, CO. There is no sure-fire way of knowing if it will work, but all signs point to yes.
If you want to give it a shot, be sure to actually register your card on their site, buy some stuff, and have (spark)fun supporting small businesses!

Please note: This has nothing to do with sparkfun themselves, and I doubt they even know about the programs existence. Don’t bug them with questions. Call up Amex if you want to ask someone. Either way you end up with cool stuff. One way you get a $25 credit for buying it. Oh yeah, it also seems like you can get the credit for every Amex card you have with them that you register(!)