I’m waiting for a package like a snake in the grass.

And by that I mean I’m stalking fedex.

I’m currently waiting for my Ardino starter pack to arrive from Adafruit Industries and I’m getting a bit impatient. I decided to automate the psychotic task of manually reloading the tracking page every ten minutes.

I’m sure there are web sites out there to keep you updated of your packages progress across the world. I couldn’t find any and decided to put together my own FedEx stalking kit. This is only for Mac, but you needed a reason to switch, didn’t you?

Ok, this is admittedly not the best way to do this, but it works. Here we go…

Step 1 – applescript
Write an applescript telling firefox to open the fedex tracking link. Save it to somewhere you can remember
fedex stalking

Step 2 – iCal
Create an event in iCal that uses this applescript as it’s alarm. Duplicate that event as often as you would like. I had it run every 10 minutes

fedex stalking
fedex stalking
That’s it! Sit back and enjoy. Let your computer do the obsessing for you!

…as always, better googling has proved many people have beaten this path before me. One of the better implementations is the apple dashboard package tracking widget
I guess this could still ultimately be a useful tool if you wanted to see if your local gamestop had updated their online inventory of halo 7, or wanted to keep reminding yourself of how much you love my website!