A new frontier(s) in geekdom

After taking receipt of my arduino kit from adafruit industries I have been looking for cool projects to make. There is so much cool stuff out there! The first and most exciting one is from a youtube video.
I love the whole idea of this. Creating your own type of bell tower (or orchestra) controlled by a computer is beyond awesome.

The second project is from here It is a gmail notifier based on python and arduino. I’m gonna try to massage it so it works with my email server, but other than that, it looks like it should be pretty simple!

In the last week, i’ve gotten into processing and puredata and started to learn arduino code. So much to learn… So fun to learn…

I’ll update once I actually do something!

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  1. Could be good to make an organ-like structure with different size metal tubes? would liquid in these create a different sound? Also could be a good way to wake up – alarm all over the room ;)

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