time lapses – getting to know your intervalometer

I’ve been inspired to shoot more pictures lately. Like everything else in my life I tend to go for quantity over quality, so I shot a LOT of pictures. I acquired a battery/intervalometer for my Nikon D40 a while back and didn’t even notice the intervalometer settings until recently.


I’ve shot quite a few tests with it and I’ll post them below. The first was clouds through my kitchen window.


The second was more clouds from the roof at my work.


Then I did a long night shoot. This one had shutter speeds from 5 seconds to 30 seconds. I shot some footage while driving, and even did some light painting with my cell phone. Not a bad way to spend a few hours!


I like shooting time lapses because it is where still photography blends in with my area of expertise – video. That’s a much more comfortable place for me to work in.


Snow is coming so there is a lot less opportunity for nice cloud shots, but I’m sure I’ll find something worth playing with! If you have any suggestions post them in the comments!