Arduino LCD gmail subject

Continuing on in the (Long) line of arduino+rss hacks, here is some python code that parses a gmail rss feed. This is a throwback to the post that started it all, the arduino gmail notifier. The original code was tweaked a bit to display the subjects of new mail on an lcd screen.

It is a simple script – enter in your username and password, number of messages to display, enter in your serial port, and off it goes! Here is the arduino/gmail rss parser python code as a zip file.

This code isn’t perfect. It only displays the subjects right now because the email addresses themselves were throwing errors all over the place from the unicode to ascii conversion. If anyone knows how to fix that and can help me – I would love it!

Once again – I would like to add a gui to this and I have no idea how. Does anyone have a suggestion as for how to create a gui that launches python scripts? I have been thinking applescript studio, but I’m not sure.

In case you are lost – this is in reference to my previous post where I set up an arduino based rss reader. That is a good place to start. Next you can check out the weather script, and the twitter version!