7 questions for my avid fans

Seeing as how I am constantly inundated by media requests – I figured I would use my podium here to ask the readers a few questions. I look at it as distributed googling really, and hopefully finding some vetted answers in the sea of confusion that is out there.

1) has anyone used CHDK here? It is a modified firmware for certain cameras, and seemingly it allows you to get very low level access to the camera. With it you can enable time lapse mode, Raw shooting, video, motion detection, and I think they are working on time travel. This seems like an amazing project. Does anyone have any success with it? Does anyone have any recommendations on cameras? Im kind of looking at the SD1100 and the SD600.

and lastly, does anyone have any recommendations on where to find said camera cheaply? I’m running dd-wrt on my home router and have a hacked xbox, so this seems like it is within my reach, just looking for people with experience in it.

chdk interface
chdk interface

2) does anyone know of any good anti flicker plugins for after effects (or anything else (on a mac)) that will remove the frame-to-frame luminance variations of a dslr time lapse?

3) does anyone know why frame-to-frame luminance variations happen on my d40 running in complete darkness with a manual lens and a flash?

4) does anyone know of a good guide to moving an arduino project towards a mass producible item? Lets say I would like to make a one board version of my arduino rss reader – how would I go about doing that?

breadboard arduino
breadboard arduino

5) How much does the average human heart weigh?

6) Does anyone know of a comparison between the online stock video sites from a submitter’s perspective? Does anyone have experience with any specific sites? (feel free to email me if you would rather not post publicly – “r” at this domain, no prefix.)

7) Enough about me – Why are you here? What kinds of projects brought you here, and what kinds of projects would you like to see here?

Thanks for your time, and hopefully your answers!

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  1. 5) The human heart weighs on average 250 g to 300 g in females and 300 g to 350 g in males.

    7) Saw you as the only fellow vermonter waiting for The Great Internet Migratory Box Of Electronics Junk and wondered what was going on up north (I’m in Halifax, VT)


  2. Hey sCi!
    Glad to see there’s another geek in the green mtn state! Sad to say there isn’t a lot of social tech activity ’round these parts. I know the dude who runs the wulfden http://www.wulfden.org/ is in VT, but other than that I think they might all be hibernating!
    Since you’re so close to Mass, have you ever been to the MIT swap fest? It’s a good time to buy stuff you don’t need but do want.

  3. I didn’t know anything about arduinos until visiting this site. Very informative – and now I’m smarter!

  4. Hi Ankur, I’m afraid to report I haven’t figured that out yet. I have some ideas on pic programming and circuit design, but I’m no pro, so I’m still looking for the easiest way. Let me know if you find any tutorialsQ

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