Ahhhh…. Thrift stores

I was checking out the local thrift store yesterday and I saw a few filters in their (usually just point and shoot) camera section. I grabbed them and wandered around for a while. When it was time for checkout I tested a theory I have had for a while now. Thrift stores in general (and this one in specific) are really arbitrary about their pricing. Sometimes they will give you a great price on good gear, and sometimes they will gouge you for junk.

Here is how the conversation went.

Me – Here you go!

Her – What are those things?

Me – I dunno, they look like slides, or maybe tiny picture frames.

Her – really? Let me see?

Her – oh, do you know what these are?

Me – Nope

Her – I think they are camera lenses?

Me – really? I was thinking I was going to paint on them?

Her – OK, Cool! That’ll be $1.61

Now this was for a polarizer, a Neutral Density filter and another I don’t remember. The tax alone on those three filters new would have been more than I paid for them. I feel a little bad about lying, but then again, why don’t they price their stuff before you bring it up to the register?

I love looking in thrift stores, I love finding even more!

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  1. Great find! Where I live, the thrift stores won’t sell you an item if it isn’t already priced.

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