Arduino Intervalometer for my Nikon d40

After seeing this project from cibomahto a while ago, I finally got my act together and bought a $1 IR led from radio$hack so I could build an intervalometer for my SLR.

For those who don’t know an intervalometer is, it tells your computer to take a picture every given interval. This enables you to shoot video with a still camera over a long period of time. Sometimes you have two intervals on fancy ones. Those allow you to use the bulb setting on your camera. Right now it has two potentiometers to indicate seconds and minutes between shots. It is run from a nine volt battery, and I expect it to have fairly good battery life. Only time will tell. The IR LED can’t take too much juice! It has a status led to show when it is firing (for trouble shooting) and not a whole lot else.

This currently needs a housing and a interface. I am debating the merits of a small lcd vs just using a printed label to mark the pot positions. It’s pretty much spray and pray right now. At least it is adjustable!

arduino d40 ir intervalometer
arduino d40 ir intervalometer

I’m thinking about getting one of these and eliminating the pots completely.

lcd shield from
lcd shield from
Which would end up making my project very similar to this one but for a nikon.

One last thought is possibly adding the functionality to use the bulb setting and then add a bracketing ability. Isn’t technology wonderful!

4 replies on “Arduino Intervalometer for my Nikon d40”

  1. Hi!
    I’m very interested in your project. Did you use the ADC in the arduino? Looks like a practical and easy way. I wanted to create an intervalometer for a D40 but was stopped because of the IR only interface.
    If you could tell me the frequency and duty cycle of the LED that would be great.

    thanks in advance

  2. TinyEnormous, thanks for answering, I had completely forgotten about this project and just stumbled upon it on the bookmarks.
    I don’t have much free time at the moment but I’ll probably give it a try on christmas.
    Thanks again for the information

  3. Hey that’s exciting!! I’m not tech savvy so I’m waiting for guys like you to come up with something like this so I can use it on my D40. Hope you’d make one and sell it to me.


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